Minocqua lakes sorted by water clarity. To find a lake that meets more specific qualifications, try out the Lake Finder.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Town Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Hasbrook LakePublic307SeepageMinocqua18 min30 ft20.6 ftNo
Plummer LakeSemi-Public219SeepageMinocqua20 min30 ft20.5 ftNo
Hodstradt LakePublic119SeepageMinocqua17 min21 ft20.1 ftNo
Big Carr LakePublic209SeepageMinocqua17 min40 ft18.1 ftNo
North Two LakePublic150SeepageMinocqua21 min19 ft18.1 ftNo
Little Tomahawk LakePublic163Spring FedMinocqua17 min28 ft18 ftMinocqua
Blue LakeSemi-Public441SeepageMinocqua10 min25 ft17.6 ftNo
Katherine LakePublic524SeepageMinocqua6 min16 ft17.3 ftNo
South Two LakePublic221SeepageMinocqua23 min26 ft16.1 ftNo
Tomahawk LakePublic3,462DrainageMinocqua11 min33 ft18 ftMinocqua
Brandy LakePublic113DrainageMinocqua6 min20 ft14 ftNo
Fence LakePublic3,483DrainageLac Du Flambeau18 min37 ft22 ftFence Lake
Upper Kaubashine LakeSemi-Public181Spring FedMinocqua9 min26 ft13.6 ftNo
Franklin LakePublic161SeepageMinocqua15 min14 ft13.5 ftNo
Lower Kaubashine LakePublic198DrainageMinocqua8 min16 ft12.6 ftNo
Lake SeventeenSemi-Public172SeepageMinocqua12 min20 ft11.7 ftNo
Bear LakePublic295Spring FedMinocqua18 min8 ft11.3 ftNo
Pine LakePublic204SeepageMinocqua23 min14 ft11 ftNo
Bolger LakePublic119SeepageMinocqua6 min20 ft18 ftNo
Minocqua LakePublic1,339DrainageMinocqua4 min23 ft11 ftMinocqua
Little Bearskin LakePublic184DrainageMinocqua15 min8 ft9.8 ftNo
Skunk LakePublic128DrainageMinocqua25 min3 ft9.8 ftNo
Carrol LakePublic330DrainageMinocqua9 min16 ft9.4 ftNo
Garth LakeSemi-Public116SeepageMinocqua13 min15 ft8.8 ftNo
Kawaguesaga LakePublic700DrainageMinocqua9 min18 ft8.6 ftMinocqua
Little Spider LakePublic223SeepageMinocqua11 min13 ft8.6 ftNo
Towanda LakePublic139SeepageMinocqua9 min10 ft8.3 ftNo
Willow LakePublic410DrainageMinocqua49 min4 ft8.2 ftNo
Clear LakePublic212SeepageMinocqua14 min14 ft8.2 ftNo
Shishebogama LakePublic716DrainageMinocqua13 min17 ft7.4 ftNo
Birch LakePublic198DrainageMinocqua24 min13 ft7.3 ftNo
Squirrel LakePublic1,309DrainageMinocqua19 min16 ft7 ftNo
Willow FlowagePublic6,306DrainageMinocqua28 min10 ft6.9 ftNo
Bearskin LakePublic403DrainageMinocqua24 min12 ft6.5 ftNo
Big Arbor VitaePublic1,070DrainageMinocqua10 min18 ft6 ftNo
Mid LakePublic221Spring FedMinocqua12 min6 ft5.9 ftMinocqua
Gunlock LakePublic264Spring FedMinocqua17 min12 ft5.6 ftNo
Horsehead LakePublic377Spring FedMinocqua22 min8 ft5.6 ftNo
Mercer LakePublic255DrainageMinocqua15 min13 ft5 ftNo
Mann LakePublic253Spring FedMinocqua14 min5 ft5 ftNo
Swamsauger LakePublic136DrainageMinocqua33 min6 ft4.8 ftNo
Little Arbor VitaePublic540DrainageMinocqua10 min11 ft4.2 ftNo
Madeline LakePublic172DrainageMinocqua9 min9 ft4.1 ftNo
McCormick LakePublic113DrainageMinocqua16 min5 ft2.7 ftNo