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    Chain or No Chain?

    Chain Lakes
      The Chain of Lakes are the place to be if you are looking for a lot of activity and enjoy taking your boat for long cruises. Since chain lakes are public gathering spots, they are louder and less private than non-chain lakes.
      Lakes that aren't on a chain are better for those who want more privacy and quiet. Privacy and quietness varies greatly depending on type of access, proximity to towns and size. Bigger public lakes close to towns are the busiest of the non-chain lakes.
Lake Name Access Acres Type Town Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Black Oak LakePublic564SeepageLand O'Lakes7 min34 ft35 ftNo
Papoose LakePublic422SpringManitowish Waters12 min28 ft14.7 ftNo
Little Star LakePublic244DrainageManitowish Waters5 min31 ft19.2 ftManitowish Waters
Manitowish LakePublic506DrainageManitowish Waters6 min23 ft16 ftManitowish Waters
Katherine LakePublic524SeepageMinocqua6 min16 ft17.3 ftNo
Long Interlaken LakePublic380DrainageLac Du Flambeau4 min20 ft14.8 ftFence Lake
Pokegama LakePublic1,041DrainageLac Du Flambeau5 min20 ft14 ftFence Lake
Brandy LakePublic113DrainageMinocqua6 min20 ft14 ftNo
Crawling Stone LakePublic1,483DrainageLac Du Flambeau7 min31 ft17 ftFence Lake
Flambeau LakePublic1,166DrainageLac Du Flambeau7 min28 ft13.2 ftFence Lake
Moss LakePublic185SeepageLac Du Flambeau3 min15 ft13 ftFence Lake
Little St. GermainPublic729DrainageSt. Germain7 min11 ft12 ftNo
Rest LakePublic655DrainageManitowish Waters2 min18 ft11.1 ftManitowish Waters
Spider LakePublic272DrainageManitowish Waters7 min20 ft11.1 ftManitowish Waters
Spirit LakePublic348DrainageThree Lakes3 min14 ft11 ftNo
Dollar LakePublic107SeepageEagle River7 min7 ft10.7 ftNo
Maple LakePublic131SpringThree Lakes3 min8 ft10.2 ftNo
Minocqua LakePublic1,339DrainageMinocqua4 min23 ft11 ftMinocqua
Big Stone LakePublic607DrainageThree Lakes5 min21 ft3.5 ftThree Lakes
Shepard LakePublic179DrainageRhinelander3 min10 ft8 ftNo
Thunder LakePublic172DrainageRhinelander7 min6 ft7.8 ftNo
Lake JuliaPublic241SeepageRhinelander7 min10 ft7.8 ftNo
Lake CreekPublic172DrainageRhinelander6 min5 ft7.1 ftRhinelander
Deer LakePublic177DrainageThree Lakes7 min10 ft3.2 ftThree Lakes
Laurel LakePublic249DrainageThree Lakes5 min8 ft4.2 ftThree Lakes
Big St. Germain LakePublic1,622DrainageSt. Germain7 min21 ft6.9 ftNo
Boulder LakePublic516DrainageBoulder Junction4 min12 ft6.4 ftNo
Landing LakePublic203DrainageLand O'Lakes5 min9 ft6.3 ftNo
Crystal LakePublic100DrainageThree Lakes6 min8 ft4.2 ftThree Lakes
Lake ContentPublic239SeepageSt. Germain2 min10 ft5.7 ftNo
Circle Lily LakePublic218SeepageManitowish Waters7 min20 ft5.7 ftNo
Lost LakePublic544DrainageSt. Germain6 min9 ft5.5 ftNo
Yellow Birch LakePublic192DrainageEagle River5 min11 ft5.2 ftNo
Eagle LakePublic572DrainageEagle River7 min16 ft5.1 ftEagle River
Medicine LakePublic396DrainageThree Lakes5 min22 ft3.2 ftThree Lakes
Range Line LakePublic123DrainageThree Lakes5 min14 ft3.2 ftThree Lakes
Mill LakePublic125DrainageLand O'Lakes4 min4 ft4.9 ftNo
Duck LakePublic106DrainageEagle River4 min7 ft4.8 ftEagle River
Townline LakePublic152DrainageThree Lakes4 min12 ft3.2 ftThree Lakes
Boom LakePublic437DrainageRhinelander5 min11 ft4.8 ftRhinelander
Rainbow FlowagePublic3,153DrainageSt. Germain6 min8 ft4.8 ftRhinelander
Voyageur LakePublic143DrainageEagle River6 min6 ft4.7 ftEagle River
Pickerel LakePublic736DrainageSt. Germain6 min9 ft3.6 ftNo