Client Testimonial:

   Wow, Adam Gohlke is the best! We have purchased several properties through Adam and he always does an excellent job. Adam's website is the most comprehensive and helpful tool for finding the right lake and part of the Northwoods to fit your needs. We looked for our first property for over a year and exchanged countless emails/calls with Adam in order to find the perfect property. Adam was always very patient, consultative and knowledgeable. In a busy market, I know Adam is always a call/text/email away! You won't be disappointed.

Justin R
Lost Lake

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Lake Property in Northern Wisconsin

   The focus of this site is to make finding the perfect lake property an easy and enjoyable experience. My name is Adam Gohlke and I have been a Wisconsin waterfront real estate specialist for 20+ years. Over the years of searching for lake property, my philosophy has always been to find the lakes that you're going to be happy with first and then consider the homes. So this site focuses on providing information about the lake and the area around the lake on which properties are listed for sale alongside the listings themselves. I also highlight particular lakes and lake listings that I feel are high value with the Gold Bar to make the browsing experience faster. The goal is to help educate my real estate customers and clients about the great lakes and areas in Northern Wisconsin as they search for their own perfect lake property.

The Importance of Lake Data

   In my opinion, the most important information to have when looking at lake property in Northern Wisconsin is the data on the lake itself. Information such as the distance from town, the type of lake, the clarity of the lake, depth of the lake and the busyness of the lake are some of the most important pieces of information to process when evaluating lake real estate. When you look at the lakefront properties listed on this site, you will find information about the lake attached right to every listing. There is also a link to the lake page where you can find other listings on that lake and a lot more relevant data including pictures and videos of the lake. More is better when it comes to lake data.

How to Find *Your* Perfect Lake Property

   Using is easy and intuitive. Along the top of every page there are options to search for lakes, lake homes, or lake lots. The bottom right corner of the page also has an "All Options" link where you can find quick links to the different sections to the site. These are all great links to help you get familiar with the lakes and lake properties currently available in the Northwoods. The site is quicker to get around on desktops because there is more screen real estate for links, but the mobile version of the site includes all of the same lake / house / lot information.

Look for the Gold Bar

   When you browse through the lake listings on this site, you will notice that some have a gold information bar below the picture. The gold bar signifies that it's a listing that I feel has good qualities. This could mean anything from it being on a great lake to having an exceptional beach to having an attractive price. Of course, it's completely subjective. Everyone has a different criteria when judging lake property so think of the gold bar as a way to help you quickly move through the listings more than anything definitive.

Helpful Tools For Your Lake Property Search

   One tool that enables you to quickly find lakes that fit the criteria that is important to you is my Lake Finder. The lake finder can lead you to a list of Northern Wisconsin lakes that fit your priorities in just a few clicks. There are many ways to sort the lakes and you never have to fill out a form. Just click until you find the lake you are looking for. Once you find your ideal lake you can then browse the homes and lots for sale on that particular lake.

   If you want to jump right into the lake property listings, I have a few different methods available. If there is an area of Northern Wisconsin that is more appealing to you than others, you can use the towns menu to select listings in just that town. Since this is Northern Wisconsin we are talking about and not a highly populated area, I considered any place with a gas station, a grocery store, and a hardware store a town/region for the purpose of this site. The main regions are Minocqua, Eagle River, Rhinelander, Boulder Junction, Manitowish Waters, Three Lakes, Saint Germain, Land O'Lakes and Lac Du Flambeau. Searching by town works out nice if you have friends with a home in a certain area you would like to be close to or if you simply like an area based on past experience.

   Another way you can search is by price. Browsing by price allows you to quickly get an idea of what types of lake houses and lake lots are available in each price range. If you click on the "Lakes" or "Lots" button above, you will get a drop down menu where you can browse lake homes / lots by price range. These listings include properties from every Northern Wisconsin region.

   There are a few other tools available on the site. In the "Gold Bar Links" area, you can find a link to my Blog, which is (will be) a collection of various thoughts related to lakes, towns, the real estate market up north, and some other random things. The same area of the site also has a link to my Buyer's Guides. The buyer's guides are pretty short summaries of different things to look for in a lake, a home and a lot. If nothing else, they provide some ideas on different ways to think about lake property when you are searching around.

Getting the Most from

   To get the most out of the website I highly recommend that you register - it's free. As a registered user of the site you will have access to the Advanced Search feature, which allows you to blend your lake home criteria with your lake criteria to find the lake properties that are best suited for you. If you love this feature half as much as I do, you will be using it all of the time. As a registered user, you will also have the ability to save searches, mark listings as favorites, to streamline your search results and to be added to notification lists for specific lakes and/or receive notifications for any new lake listing on either an immediate, daily or weekly basis.

   If you are looking for more details about the features of the website, I wrote a more detailed blog post that explains all of the ways that Gold Bar Realty can make your search for a Northwoods lake property easier.

Scope of This Site

   When people talk about Northern Wisconsin lake property, they are often talking about Oneida and Vilas counties, and more specifically, the Eagle River, Minocqua and Boulder Junction areas. Eagle River, Boulder Junction, Manitowish Waters, Rhinelander and Minocqua all have really nice lakes and are where most people end up while visiting Northern Wisconsin. I have limited this site to lake lots starting at $100,000 and lake houses starting at $200,000, but would be willing to search for you if you are looking for less expensive lake properties. We have started to provide monthly market updates specific to lakefront property in Northern Wisconsin. You can find those updates here.

Working Towards A Common Goal

   When you find the perfect Northern Wisconsin lake home or lake lot, send me an email or give me a call / text and we can work together to make it yours. From the initial excitement of looking at lake properties to negotiating the final details of your lake property purchase, I love making deals come together.

What About Sellers?

   It's obvious to see that this site is geared towards helping buyers find their dream lake property in the Northwoods. However, having a large network of buyers looking for lake property, each with different sets of criteria helps me guide them to the lakes with matching attributes. When sellers approach me about selling their lake home, I'm often able to match them with several potential buyers that have been looking for what they have. If you currently own a lake lot or a lake home in Northern Wisconsin, I encourage you to register as a Gold Bar Owner which allows you to monitor sales activity on your lake and in your area and also provides tips for maintaining the value of your lake property.

Happy browsing, I will talk to you soon!
  - Adam