Black Oak Lake in May

Trying out the new toy

Trying out the new toy

A goal of mine this year is to spend more time on the lakes.  I bought a boat and some toys and started my quest on Black Oak Lake up in Land O' Lakes.

About the Lake:
564 acres
7.41 miles of shoreline
85' max depth
Clarity readings over 20' every year
4.77 acres/owner (lake density)
15.92 owners/mile of shoreline (lake density)

The boat launch is located on the south side of the lake right along County B. There is a cement ramp, a pier, and a large parking area for added convenience.  Adjacent to the launch is a public beach area, which I noticed can be a popular spot in summer.  After a quick, friendly chat with the boat launch monitor we launched without a problem.

Boat Launch

Cruising the lake was fun. For the most part the homes on the lake are older with some set very close to the lake and others with old boat houses at the shore. There is also a fair amount of untouched shoreline on the north side of the lake. The biggest/deepest part of the lake is to the east and it narrows and gets shallow once you get into the bays on the west end. I imagine the west side would be a nice calm spot for fishing and kayaking.

Nicest Place on Black OakNicest Place on the Lake

Black Oak Lake is known for being the clearest lake in the state. I love seeing the clear, clean, fresh, crisp wake behind the boat. It was a bit windy when I was on the lake, but I did drop the secchi disk down to check the clarity. Even with the waves I was able to see the disk 15' down.  

Crisp Wake

I've heard good things about the fishing on Black Oak. It's one of the few lakes up here with lake trout and I've also heard it's a good walleye lake. Fishing isn't my forte, but I did bring my pole and spent about 15 minutes unsuccessfully "fishing". Most of that time was spent admiring the water clarity as I watched the spinner bait getting reeled back to the boat.

To really experience the lake, I had to get in the water. I brought my newest toy, an electric jetboard, to really have some fun. The board is an absolute blast! I'll be providing more information on these boards in future posts, but can scroll to the end of this post to see some pictures and videos. You can contact me if you're interested in more information on these.

Jet Boarding Black Oak

At the time of this blog post, there aren't any properties listed for sale on Black Oak (Check for current listings), but I actually own a property on the south side of the lake.  It was a tear down structure that was set just 14' from the lake.  It's currently being rebuilt and could possibly be for sale soon. If you're interested you can Contact Me for more details.

Other Area Features:

While I didn't take the time to explore any of the atv or bike trails that are near the lake, I did play a round at Gateway Golf Course. This is a forgiving 9 hole, 3211 yard course with the first 4 holes in Michigan and the last 5 in Wisconsin. The gentleman at the clubhouse was very friendly.

4216 County Rd B
Land O' Lakes

Gateway Golf Course

In the golf course parking lot I was able to enjoy The RBA Food Truck.  I can speak for the BBQ Bacon Chicken Sandwich - very good.

Great Sandwich



Posted By: Adam Gohlke - May 20, 2021, 2:22 p.m.