Two Sisters Lake in Mid July

A Peaceful Spot to Relax

A Peaceful Spot to Relax

A little free time on a warm afternoon led me to one of my favorite lakes in Oneida County - Two Sisters Lake.

About the Lake:
719 acres
8.66 miles of shoreline
3.65 acres/owner (lake density)
22.75 owners/miles of shoreline (lake density)
63' max depth
20.6' Clarity

While Two Sisters Lake is centered between Rhinelander, Minocqua, Sugar Camp, and St. Germain, it's not quick or easy to get to from any direction. That makes it a sleeper lake because it's a real gem. The lake stats above tell a lot of the story. At 719 acres it certainly falls into the "large lake" category by Northern Wisconsin standards. The depth is great, the clarity is unbelievable, and there is plenty of shape to add to the intrigue. I also love the fact that it's spring fed. Spring fed lakes are constantly pushing fresh water into the lake while the overflow goes out.

The boat launch is located on the east side of the lake. It's a launch that big boat owners hate because it's pretty shallow for a ways out there. Typically owners on the lake like this challenging aspect because it deters some boating activity on the lake. While boaters may be deterred, those looking for a spot to swim and cool off on a warm summer day will not be able to resist the sandy swimming area.

Boat Launch and Swimming Area

On this day, the lake was relatively calm. There were just a handful of boats on the water - most just putzing around like us - and then a few paddle boards. There were a lot of people by the lake though, sitting on their docks and/or swimming around their rafts. There were enough people out swimming that I realized that this lake has more swimming rafts than I've noticed on any other lake. This makes sense with the great clarity and sandy shoreline - it is a swimmer's delight.

Great Shoreline for Swimming

Many people will identify the lake as being two lakes ("big lake" or "small lake"). I get that because it is a fairly narrow connection point between the two. However, it's easy to bounce back and forth between the two and there is not much activity on either. The east side is the "big" lake. That side is pretty open and a good place to ski and tube. The west side is the "small" lake. It has more bays and a state-owned island.

The Island on the "little" side

There is some interesting history on the lake. Some old timers still call it Black Lake, which was the name given when the Black Brothers Timber Company owned the land around the lake. I'm not sure what year this changed, but I'm pretty sure it changed because a developer thought Black Lake had a negative connotation on the quality of the water. That was probably a good call. I've heard other bits and pieces of the history on the lake, but of course, I don't remember it that well.  There is a book floating around out there that shares a lot of that information and it is an interesting read for anyone who buys on the lake.

We spent a few hours on the lake. First, cruising the shoreline on the boat and later riding the jetboards around. I've sold several properties around the lake so it was a lot of fun checking them out from the water. Those owners are thrilled to be on the lake and it's easy to see why they enjoy it so much. It's just one of those lakes that feels good to be on and be in.

Nice Crisp Wake

If you wish to own property on Two Sisters Lake, please Contact Me so I can make sure you are notified of all new listings that come up on the lake. This should be a lake on everyone's top 10 list so expect higher values and competition on any new listings. Even in a slower market, properties here will draw a lot of interest.



Posted By: Adam Gohlke - July 21, 2021, 10:53 a.m.