White Sand Lake (Boulder)

A Great Spot to Relax

A Great Spot to Relax

Today's travels took us to White Sand Lake in Boulder Junction.

About the Lake:
746 acres
5.47 miles of shoreline
25.72 acres/owner (lake density)
5.3 owners/miles of shoreline (lake density)
63' max depth
19.8' Clarity

White Sand Lake is currently among the Top 10 favorite lakes in the area. It's big, deep, clear, has a great location close to Boulder Junction (and the bike trails nearby) and the shoreline is almost entirely state owned. It's a gem of a lake and it's very exclusive - only 30 different owners on the lake. While it would be a joy to live on, it's also a very fun lake to visit.

The boat launch is located on the southeast side of the lake off of Cty K. This was the trickiest launch I've encountered this year. While getting the boat went alright, it appears frequent power loading has created a shallow rock pile right behind the launch. I ended up getting out of the boat and pushing it into deeper waters to protect the prop. There's also limited parking. I imagine these two features keep the number of visiting boats at bay.

Boat Launch

A sunny forecast resulted in a mostly cloudy morning. Boaters must have decided to wait for the sunshine because during the 4 hours that we were there, there wasn't another boat out on the water. Hard to ask for much more privacy than that on a summer weekend.

Even though the launch area is shallow, the majority of the lake is quite deep. The lake kind of has a boring shape to it. It is basically one big oval with a tail on it. It would be a good lake for tubing and skiing as there is plenty of wide open space to maneuver. Although, it wouldn't be a lake that I would choose to kayak or paddleboard because it's hard to find a spot to escape the wind.

Looking East

As many of my favorite lakes are, White Sand has wonderfully clear water.  Today's secchi disc reading was 15', but the annual clarity readings are ofter at or over 20'. I consider any lake with over 15' of clarity to be very clear. These are special lakes that beg to be enjoyed.  A video is below in the videos section.

The absolute best feature of White Sand Lake is the beach on the east shoreline. It's big, it's very sandy both in and out of the water, it's shallow for 100 yards out into the water making it an easy spot to play, and it's quiet. Being part of the state land allows you to access the beach by foot or by boat. In my last blog, I was talking about the sandy swimming area on Two Sisters Lake. That really is a great spot as well, but the beach at White Sand is like that times 50.

What a Beach!

After cruising the shoreline with the boat, we set up shop at the beach. We took the e-boards out for a ride, took a swim, and played catch with this ball that bounces on the water while we waited for the sun to come out. With the exception of a few who showed up at the beach to walk their dogs, there was not a soul in sight. Even though the sun never really did cooperate, it was a fun morning to be on and in the lake.

Fun with the E-Board

While today was all about the lake, Boulder Junction offers many hiking/biking trails, easy access to nice restaurants, and an 18 hole golf course. I'm looking forward to circling back around and enjoying some of these activities as well.

There are very few properties that come available on White Sand Lake so if you are interested in the lake I encourage you to sign up to receive listing notifications by clicking the bright green button on this link. You may also feel free to Contact Me if you want to talk more about the lake and other similar lakes that may be of interest to you.

Lastly, for you history buffs out there, I did come across this write up about the history of the resorts and state shoreline on the internet. 



Posted By: Adam Gohlke - Aug. 3, 2021, 4:44 p.m.