Three Eagle Bike Trail

Relaxing and Quiet

Relaxing and Quiet

I bought a new toy! A customer and friend of mine (Ray) put me on to RadRover e-bikes. Since the bike trails are such an important part of the Northwoods identity - and because I was looking for a reason to buy one - I decided it was a good idea to buy a bike and start exploring.

Naturally, I decided to start with the trail that's closest to me, which is the Three Eagle Trail. The trail starts in Three Lakes at the Three Lakes Winery and goes north to Eagle River.

The first four miles or so are straight as an arrow. The trail is smooth with a hard-packed limestone base. The trail parallels highway 45, but there is a nice tree buffer that definitely provides some separation. The pedal assist feature on the e-bike really had me cruising on this section of trail. A few stop signs (for driveways) and gates were all that slowed me down.

When the trail reaches the south side of Clearwater Lake it turns into the woods. This section made me slow down, but it was more fun and prettier as it weaved around through the woods. There are a couple of wooden boardwalks which I'm sure have been the backdrop to many family pictures. This made a good spot for me to stop and respond to a few text messages quickly before heading on.

Once the trail wraps around Clearwater Lake, it continues on through the Tara Lila property. The Tara Lila property has many other nature trails that are also open to the public. Those trails appeared to be more hiking/wilderness trails - I'll explore them on another day.

Soon after the Tara Lila property the trail jumps onto a blacktop road for a stretch before tucking back into the woods.  At this point my GoPro died and instead of finishing the last few miles into Eagle River, I spun around to hit the scenes again on the ride back.

It's a little embarrassing that I've lived by this trail for 14 years and this was the first time I've taken a ride on it. Now I understand why people enjoy it so much. It's smooth, it's flat, and it's really pretty.  

As for the RadRover e-bike - I like it. Since I relied on my friend's research, I really don't know the difference between this bike and any other e-bikes that are available. The e-bike concept, though, is pretty nice. I'm not an avid bicyclist and for me it's all about the leisurely ride. To be able to let the pedal assist help move you along is a game-changer for me and the difference between never exploring the great trails in the area to looking forward to checking out the next one.



Posted By: Adam Gohlke - Aug. 14, 2021, 8:18 p.m.