Market Update 1-16

Winter Update

Winter Update

In the last month, 14 lake homes have sold:
2   $1m+            
2  $600k - $1m    
5  $400k - $600k  
5  <$400k        

In the last month, 4 vacant lake lots have sold:
2  over $200,000
2  $150k - $200k
0  < $150k

Currently there are 27 lake homes and 2 vacant lake lots under contract

Without a doubt winter is a slow time for lakefront real estate.  Not much for sales and even less for new inventory.

Today there are 42 active lake house listings on the market.
11 over $1m
15 $600k - $1m
7  $400k - $600k
9  < $400k

25 of the 42 active listings are on lakes with a clarity of 10' or more.

There are 49 active vacant lake lot listings (on lakes at least 100 acres in size) on the market:
29 over $200k
20 under $200k

25 of the 49 active listings are on lakes with a clarity of 10' or more.

Now that the holidays are over there are more buyers renewing their property search. Right now there isn't much available to consider, but it's a good time of year to review what's currently available and stay on top of new listings.  As a seller, it can be difficult to list a lakefront property in the winter months. However, the big advantage is that there is much less (virtual no) competition out there so there are lots of eyes on the listing.

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Posted By: Adam Gohlke - Jan. 16, 2022, 10:24 p.m.