Stargazing at the Lake

It is always a good time to gaze at the stars

It is always a good time to gaze at the stars

The night sky can be a pretty amazing sight when you are up north. The big advantage of looking at the stars when you are up in lake country is that there is a lot less light pollution to interfere with your view of the night sky.  The stars seem to shine brighter and more vividly when set against a dark background of nothingness. Whether you're out on your porch or camping on the shores of the lake, stargazing can be a magical experience.

One of the best things about stargazing while at the lake is the connection you feel with nature. As you look up at the star-filled sky, you can hear the gentle lapping of the water against the shore and the rustling of leaves in the trees. It's a peaceful and serene experience that allows you to truly connect with the natural world.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure you have a big view of the sky. This means finding a spot that's away from trees and other obstacles that could obstruct your view. While a big sky view isn't a neccessity, it really helps to acheive the feeling of total immersion.

Once you've found the perfect spot, bring a blanket or a comfortable chair to sit on. You'll want to be comfortable as you spend time looking up at the stars. A pair of binoculars or a telescope can also be helpful for getting a closer look at the stars and planets.

If you're stargazing with others, consider bringing a star chart or app to help you identify the constellations and other celestial objects. There's something truly awe-inspiring about being able to point out the Big Dipper or Orion's Belt to your friends and family.

No matter how you choose to stargaze while you are up at the lake house, one thing is for sure: it's an experience you'll never forget. The beauty of the night sky is truly breathtaking, and there's not many spots where you can enjoy it more than up in the Northwoods.  You might even get lucky and see the Northern Lights.....that is a next-level type of experience!

Posted By: Adam Gohlke - Nov. 20, 2022, 7:20 p.m.