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Planting Ground Lake Acreage on Three Lakes Chain

Planting Ground Lake Acreage on Three Lakes Chain


At the time of this posts there are just 2 homes for sale on the Three Lakes Chain and 2 vacant lots.

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One of the vacant lots is the Gold Bar Realty listing on Planting Ground Lake.  It is not the typical lake lot that most buyers are envisioning.  There isn’t a sand beach or a big open view across the lake.  However, an open-minded buyer will find that the unique characteristics of this property offers an opportunity to experience the chain with absolute privacy.  That sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?  This is it, though.

Privacy & Seclusion:
There are 136.5 acres of land.  While approximately 75 acres of that is lowland, there are still 60 of well-wooded high ground.  There are many great building sites that overlook the backwaters of Planting Ground Lake.  

Nature lovers will appreciate all of the wildlife that is drawn to the quiet parts of an otherwise busy area.  Not only is the land welcoming to deer, turkey, (maybe a bear here and there), and grouse, but the water fowl just love these parts of the lake and “flock” to them (pun intended).  Hunters will appreciate the land for all of the same reasons mentioned above.

What everyone will appreciate is the seclusion.  There won’t be any neighbors to rub elbows with or driveways to share.  In fact, there won’t be a neighbor in sight.  

Most properties that offer “seclusion” are very remote.  Here you will have that remote and secluded feel without having to make a 20-minute jaunt down the last 5 miles of curvy town roads.  It helps that the property is on the west side of the Three Lakes Chain of Lakes.  The west side of the chain is easier to access and a shorter distance to other Northwoods communities.  The land is just 1 mile off of Hwy 45 and from there it’s just 6 miles to Eagle River and 5 miles to Three Lakes.  

Accessing the Chain:
I know.  All this land and privacy is great, but what you really want to know is how can you access the chain and what the frontage is like.  This is the big compromise to the property.  For those who want nothing more than kayaks or a small fishing boat, access wouldn’t be much of a problem.  There is high ground that leads all the way up to the first point where there is open water and a spot for a small dock.

For anything larger than a small fishing boat, access gets tricky.  There are a lot of bogs in the area and a few narrow channels of shallow water going through the bogs.  Over time and with consistent use, these channels should open up, but it does pose a challenge at this point.  

Another option for those wanting to have larger boats is to install a boardwalk that crosses the bogs and stops at the water’s edge.  This boardwalk would be about 250’ – 295’ long and it wouldn’t be cheap, BUT it would allow access for larger boats into the chain.

So, yes, access to the chain is a challenge, but it can be done.  And for perspective, if the access wasn’t a challenge, this property would be about 5x the price.

Development Opportunity:
For those of you with an entrepreneurial spirit, you may be wondering if there is potential to develop the property and make some money.  The answer to that is Absolutely.  

Of course, depending on what you have in mind, township and county approvals and permitting will likely be required and there will be some additional costs to consider (surveying, road building, etc.), but the opportunity is there.  I believe it’s a very viable option for the land and has been something I’ve put some thought into myself. 

Set up a Tour:
If you think this property could be a good fit for you, I encourage you to set up a time to come walk the land with me.  There is a trail cut around the property and it’s easy to walk (well, it will be once the snow melts away).  Walking the land will give you a great feel for the privacy and seclusion that this property offers.  

Contact me when you’re ready to visit.

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Posted By: Adam Gohlke - March 28, 2023, 3:10 p.m.