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6272 Forest Lake Road

6272 Forest Lake Road

One of my proudest moments in real estate was being able to work with the buyers on the purchase of this truly majestic legacy estate on the shores of Forest Lake.  Those buyers are now making the property available for another fortunate buyer to enjoy this slice of heaven.

Why I love the property?
It's the combination of all the variables of a lakefront property the create "the feel":  The lake, the location, the lot, the setting, and the structures. This property checks every box and lays out so perfectly that you can't help but have your breath taken away just being on the grounds.  It’s “the feel” that makes it great.

The Lake:
At Gold Bar Realty we really emphasize the importance of being on a great lake and Forest Lake is one of the best.  It's 468 acres, 60' deep, has an intriguing shoreline and a couple of islands and this spring they recorded a secchi disk reading of 38 feet!  It's a quiet lake surrounded by old growth forests that makes for a serene setting.  I recently did a blog post about the lake.  There are many high-end homes on the lake and legacy estates. The owners on the lake are very proud and know that what they have in Forest Lake is very special.

The Location:
Land O' Lakes is a low-key Northwoods community. It is home to many high-quality lakes such as Forest, Black Oak, Big Portage and Lac du Lune. The Cisco Chain of Lakes is also partly in Land O' Lakes and stretches up into Upper Michigan.  It is not a busy community like Minocqua, Eagle River or St. Germain, but it has a nice little grocery store, a 9-hole golf course, bike trails, atv/utv trails, snowmobile trails and several great places to eat. Recently, to the delight of those who need to stay connected, Choicetel brought fiberoptic internet to the area as well. Land O' Lakes is an ideal location for this legacy estate property because of its convenience and authentic Northwoods feel.

More specifically, the area surrounding Forest Lake is stunning. The old growth forest creates a full canopy over the roads and you can't help but be taken by the beauty. Residents are often seen walking and biking these roads and it's a treat for me that I don't take for granted every time I get to show property on the lake.

The Lot:
I'm afraid I will not be able to do the property justice with my description. As great as I make it sound, just know that it's much better in person.
The property itself consists of 450' of level frontage and 3.5 wooded acres. From the driveway entrance to the shoreline, the property is level and useable throughout. The buildings are spread out along the shoreline with each dwelling having its own access to the water and remarkable lake views. The structures share a similar style and architecture for a cohesive feel and while they all have their own space, the landscaped lawn (around the huge trees), flagstone walkways, planting areas, lakeside gazebos, and even some spectacular art tie everything together just perfectly.
The reason I say that my words cannot do the property justice is because I can give you a list of all of the great features of the property, but it's not until you are standing on the lot that you realize how all of the pieces fall into place to create something spectacular. Truly, everywhere you turn there is something to marvel at. I have been to the property several times now and there hasn't been one instance where I didn't say out loud something along the lines of, "This place is just incredible."  I'm confident that you will agree.

The Structures:
The details of the individual structures are well documented in the Features List, but what is special to me is how the property is set up to be enjoyed by just 2 people or by several families at the same time. The main lodge offers an intimate living room off of the kitchen and dining areas with a loft above. It's a perfect space for a couple or a single family to enjoy a quiet get-away.  However, additions were made to add a stunning place to entertain multiple families.  There is a 1400 sq ft great room with a full-size bar and massive field stone fireplace, a dining room that seats many and a den that allows a quiet spot to sit away from the excitement at the bar. I was the fortunate guest to a get together held at the property and it was fabulous. There was plenty of space for group conversation or one on one conversation and when it came time to eat, there was room for everyone.  It was fun to see how entertaining is supposed to be done.
What if you are entertaining friends/family/guests for more than just a night?  The guest lodge (pictured above) provides the perfect accommodations for the overnight guests. There are 3 bedrooms that each have their own ensuite and also great living room, kitchen and dining areas.  Guests can relax in their own space and join the others at their leisure. It's the type of accommodations that can't be beat. You can enjoy time with your guests but not have to be with them every moment of their stay. 
The Treehouse Suite also offers a lot of versatility. It has its own kitchenette and bathroom. There is a single bedroom, but a set of built in beds in the living area. There is also a large room currently used as an office that could be used for additional sleeping space. I can see this space being used by a guest family, or perhaps all of the cousins (in the family compound scenario) would want to hang out together in their own space, or by an individual guest who doesn't need an entire guest home, but can still have their own place for solitude.

The most recent additions to the property are two lakeside screened gazebos. Both gazebos are positioned to not interfere with the views from the other dwellings, but to also enjoy the scenery all around them. These are great places for outside dining or to simply take in the beauty of the lake.
The storage offered at property is ridiculous.  There are 3 different garages and another shed for wood/tool storage. Cars, snowmobiles, UTVs, boats, golf carts, tractors. You name it, there is space for it. It's the Northwoods and everyone has toys and a need for a place to store them. If you're going to have a place that can be enjoyed by many, you better have a lot of toys to be enjoyed as well!
It's interesting that the property started with a single cabin and morphed into what is now its own little village set up for enjoying the company of a few or of the company of many. I'm not sure it could have been laid out any better than it is.

The Setting:
I've already mentioned the picturesque access road, the old growth forest, the beautiful lake, the large and incredibly landscaped 3.5-acre lot and the cohesive collection of structures. If you're looking for a family compound or a legacy estate, this is the type of setting you will want to find. It's an environment that immerses you in the Northwoods and it doesn't get any better!!

You can visit the listing for more detailed and specific information about the property.  If you'd like to talk about the property or schedule a time to experience it in person, please give me a call (715-891-2222) and we can set something up. I know that you will be very impressed!


Posted By: Adam Gohlke - July 30, 2023, 7 p.m.