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Gallery View

Gallery View

Over the years, we've received many compliments about and how informative it is and how easy it is to use.  I thought we had it dialed in just perfectly.  That was until I sent an upcoming listing to a good friend/former client and she responded by asking me why she needs to click through every picture one by one instead of just being able to scroll through?

That was a good question.  I had never seen the need to have that nor did I think that I would ever use it.  The function and design of the page are both better using the "click through" picture display, but we realized that we could at least offer site users a "gallery view" to be able to quickly scroll through all of the pictures.

You will now see a link to the "Gallery View" below every picture of every listing.  Just click the link and you will be able to scroll through the pictures very quickly.  

This feature is available on both desktop and mobile versions of the website.

Now that it's there, I have to admit that I find myself using the Gallery View a lot because it's such a quick way to scan through the pictures. I encourage you to give a shot and see for yourself.

We are always open to input from our users on how we can improve the site.  Even small changes can make for a better user experience.  So if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know!

Happy Browsing!

Posted By: Adam Gohlke - Aug. 6, 2023, 3:21 p.m.