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  The type of access a lake has really only matters if you are looking for a private or a semi-private lake. Public lakes are not all super-busy and super-crowded but they all have the potential to be such. You really have to check out a public lake for yourself to see how busy it is. If you want privacy and a more quiet, Northwoods atmosphere you are more likely to find it on a private or semi-private lake.

    Lake Access


      The most rare type of lake. There are only a couple private lakes over over 100 acres in Wisconsin. A private lake is fully owned by an individual or an entity with no future development possible. The most quiet and controlled type of lake.


      This type of lake has no current public access. Access can be gained via privately owned boat launches. Public access is possible in the future. Semi-public lakes are very quiet and private in almost all cases.


      The most common type of lake with public boat launches and land that give access to this type of lake. A public lake has the highest activity level and least amount of privacy of the three types of lake access. Smaller public lakes are more peaceful.