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  I have sorted the lakes into five categories of clarity. Personally, I am a big fan of the clear and extremely clear lakes because there is just a different feel to them, whether you are looking at them, boating on them, or swimming in them. Click on a category below to see all the lakes that meet those clarity specifications.

    Lake Clarity

    Extremely Clear

      Secchi disk reading of 15 feet or more. Extremely clear water indicates an obligotrophic lake which is clear, deep, and largely free of weeds. The fish population is usually smaller, but there are more trophy size fish.

    Very Clear

      Secchi disk reading of 10 to 15 feet. These mesotrophic lakes are very clear lakes with few weeds. They often have more fish than an obligotrophic lake but less than an eutrophic one. There is good balance in mesotrophic lakes.


      Secchi disk reading of 7 to 10 feet. These lakes fall between eutrophic and mesotrophic on the scale. They have more weeds and fish than the mesotrphic lakes and less weeds and fish than the eutrophic lakes.


      Secchi disk reading of 4 to 7 feet. Lakes with murky water are considered to be eutrophic. They support a large fish population and have a fair amount of weeds.

    Very Cloudy

      Secchi disk reading of less than 4 feet. Very murky water means a lake is hypereutrophic. These lakes are very weedy and subject to frequent algae blooms. On the plus side, they support large fish populations.