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  Convenience is the most overlooked aspect when it comes to buying lake property. People often don't think to think about how the lake's location will affect them until after they have bought. Up here in the Northern Wisconsin, you can be 10 miles from town and it could be a 30 minute drive. Roads wind around lakes and have low speed limits. While it may be scenic and wonderful the first couple of times you drive the route, people seem to tire of wasting over an hour just to run to town for a couple of groceries. Proximity to town also increases or decreases the chances of high speed internet, natural gas and solid cell reception being available. Natural Gas is a key thing to look for because it is significantly cheaper to heat with natural gas than with propane or electric.

    Distance From Town (Round Trip)

    1-15 mins

      Go to town, grab a bite to eat, pick up some supplies and get back without wasting away your precious vacation time. You will also be far more likely to find high speed internet, good cell phone reception and natural gas in places close to town.

    16-30 mins

      With the bigger towns like Rhinelander, Eagle River, and Minocqua you might still find high speed internet and good cell phone reception. Natural gas is less likely. Multiple trips to town for food or groceries start to eat a lot of time.

    31-45 mins

      The ability to plan ahead is more important when it takes more than a half hour to just drive to town and back. High speed internet and natural gas are less likely to be found. Cell phone reception may not be available.

    46+ mins

      For those that really want to get away from the crowds. There is no such thing as a quick trip to town for gas or groceries. High speed internet, natural gas, and cell phone reception are things that are available less often as you get further from town.