Moen Chain of Lakes

   The Moen Chain is a stretched out chain east of Rhinelander. The water is cloudy, but the chain isn't real busy and most of it offers convenient access to town. Fourth and Fifth Lakes are a bit further from town, but that makes them a little quieter.

Clarity: Cloudy
Lakes: 5
Size: 2,829 Acres
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Moen Chain Lakes:

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Lake Name Access Acres Type Distance Avg Depth Clarity Chain
Moen Lake Public 461 Drainage 10 min 8 ft 9.9 ft Moen
Fifth Lake Public 238 Drainage 25 min 6 ft 7.4 ft Moen
Fourth Lake Public 253 Drainage 18 min 7 ft 8.0 ft Moen
Second Lake Public 111 Drainage 14 min 5 ft 8.3 ft Moen
Third Lake Public 103 Drainage 13 min 6 ft 8.7 ft Moen