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Vacant Lot on Lupine Lane – North Twin Lake

Vacant Lot on Lupine Lane – North Twin Lake


Vacant lots are tough to appreciate without seeing them in person.  From the pictures, every listing looks about the same.  There are pictures of trees and then some pictures of the water, but there’s no way to get a feel for what the property is like or to envision what a home would be like on the site.

This vacant lot on North Twin Lake is no different.  I’m going to try to shed some light on what the property is really like and, if you like what you read, you can come for an on-site visit to verify.

North Twin Lake
The big draw to this particular property is the lake itself.  We all know that there are thousands of lakes in Wisconsin and specifically in the northern parts of Wisconsin.  However, there are very few that have the size of North Twin.  At 2,871 acres (some show it at 2,788 acres) it’s one of the biggest lakes in Vilas County.  It also connects to South Twin Lake that offers another 600+ acres.  In my world, it’s a monster lake.  It’s definitely large enough for boating, water skiing, sailing, and all of the other water activities that you can think of.  

Fishermen are especially drawn to North Twin Lake.  Now I’m not a fisherman myself, but I hear North Twin mentioned time and time again as one of the best fishing lakes in the area.  With a lot of rocky areas, there is great structure/habitat for the walleye, which seems to be a favorite of many anglers.  It’s also a Class A musky lake and home to bass and panfish as well.

North Twin Lake is the centerpiece of the Phelps community.  It’s a sleepy little community that sits about 16 miles (21 minutes) northeast of Eagle River.  There are restaurants on the lake and a hot dog/ice cream spot in town.  Recently, a paved bike path was put in along County Rd K, which is on the north side of North Twin Lake.  That’s a nice addition to the community and it ties it nicely with neighboring Conover.

The Lot
My favorite features of this lot are the privacy and the spectacular views.  The lot has 165’ of frontage and is 1.7 acres.  Lupine Lane is set back from the lake and several hundred feet away from the homes that use it for access.  On the opposite side of the road are extensions of some of the waterfront properties.  It’s all wooded land with no homes in sight.

You’ll read about the “spectacular” views in a lot of listings.  Lakes are great to look at and any water view can be deemed spectacular.  However, I’ve been to many lake parcels over the years and this is one that made me say, “Wow, that’s nice.”.  The reason is a combination of the pure vastness of North Twin and the elevation of the lot.  The lot has a long continuous slope up from the water.  At the building site, I’d guess it’s 80’ above the water level.  From there you really appreciate the size of the lake.  It’s an exaggeration to say that it’s like you’re overlooking the ocean, but it does kind of have that type of feel to it.  It gets lost in the pictures because 1) some tree trimming needs to occur so the leaves don’t block as much, and 2) the camera lens isn’t wide enough to capture all of the lake that extends beyond the boundaries of the picture.  

Hearing about the elevation may give you a bit of anxiety.  It’s not uncommon for buyers to want to avoid stairs and hearing about being 80’ above the lake level probably does sound like a lot of stairs.  However, most of the slope for the building site is walkable (or rideable with a golf cart or atv) and it’s not until you get close to the shoreline that it makes a steeper descent that would likely require about 20 steps.  It’s going to be a factor to consider, but perhaps not as bad as you would otherwise envision.

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Set up a Tour
If you think North Twin Lake is the right lake for you, I’d encourage you to set up a time to walk the property with me.  There are other nice lots listed on North Twin at the moment as well.  Click here to see the currently listed properties on the lake.  Those lots are just over 1 acre, have about 150’ of frontage and are more level to the water, which may be a preference for you, but they don’t offer the same privacy.  They could be good comparable to see.

Please contact me when you’re ready to take a look! 


Posted By: Adam Gohlke - March 31, 2023, 3:23 p.m.