Afternoon on Stormy Lake

Warm and Windy in Conover

Warm and Windy in Conover

A couple of hours freed up for me over the weekend and I took advantage of some warm weather to get out on Stormy Lake.  I've always loved the aqua blue color of the lake when it's lit up in the sunshine. It's what makes Stormy Lake so special and keeps it in such high demand.

About the Lake:
534 acres
5.13 miles of shoreline
4.24 acres/owner (lake density)
23.97 owners/mile of shoreline (lake density)
63' max depth
24' clarity

The boat launch is located on the west side of the lake on Stormy Lake Point Rd. There is a cement ramp, a pier, and a small blacktop area for parking. With the water levels being as high as they are, launching the boat was incredibly easy. The boat was floating away from the trailer before the back tires of the truck got wet.

Stormy Lake Boat Launch

In the last several years I've helped 5 clients buy property and 2 clients sell property on the lake. It's fun to ride by their properties and see those properties from the water. There doesn't appear to be many very new homes on the lake, but several that have been built 20-30 years ago.  The shoreline is fully developed, mostly level, and is very sandy all the way around.

I sold this awesome property

The clouds rolled in on us for most of the time we were on the lake so I didn't get to see the aqua blue water that I love seeing, but Stormy Lake is always amazing. Extremely clear water and not a weed in sight - basically a 500+ acre swimming pool. The secchi disk reading was 10' today despite the windy conditions. If you visit my Stormy Lake page and check out the pictures and videos, you'll see some some aerial and underwater shots showing off the blue waters.

Clean Water - Crisp Wake

I didn't even bring my fishing pole to the lake today. Stormy isn't known to be a good fishing lake. It's very clear and has very little weed growth. The fishing book says that smallmouth bass are the most prevalent species. For years the DNR stocked brown trout in the lake because of the depth, but I'm not sure that this still happens or not. I do know that they found that the trout were not naturally reproducing.

Jetboarding on Black Oak Lake  was so much fun that I was set on doing more of that at Stormy Lake as well. It's awesome riding on the water (and wiping out into it). These jetboards are going to be very popular up here in Northern Wisconsin.

Enjoying Stormy Lake

At the time of this blog post, there aren't any properties listed for sale on Stormy Lake (Check for current listings). If you're not already signed up to receive new listing notifications on the lake, I recommend that you do so on the Stormy Lake page (between house and lot listings). If you own property and are considering selling, please contact me for a free valuation on your home.

Other Area Features:
Conover is a hub for atv/utv enthusiasts. Here is a map of the Vilas County atv trail system.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to stop anywhere for a sandwich. There are some places in the area that I would have liked to try.
Wild Turkey
Burnt Bridge Tavern and Restaurant
Log Cabin



Posted By: Adam Gohlke - May 23, 2021, 3:31 p.m.