Big Muskellunge Lake

Secluded Gem of a Lake

Secluded Gem of a Lake

Lately, I've been eager to check out the low density lakes with a lot of state owned shoreline. I have recently been out to Lake Laura, Plum Lake, and White Sand Lake in Boulder Junction. That trend continued with a stop at Big Muskellunge Lake.

About the Lake:
897 acres
5.47 miles of shoreline
64.07 acres/owner (lake density)
1.7 owners/miles of shoreline (lake density)
70' max depth
20' Clarity

There are only 14 privately owned properties on Big Muskellunge Lake with the majority of the shoreline owned by the State of Wisconsin. It's quiet, it's pristine, and it's located in a great spot between Boulder Junction and Sayner.

There are 3 different launches on the lake. I used the one on the south side of the lake off of County Road N. There's a big parking lot, a concrete ramp, and a pier. While the bicyclist were all over the bike trails nearby, the boat launch was empty.

The Prius Had Lots of Room

Nice and Easy Launch

The lake is pretty special. There is a very limited number of owners and it has great size, depth, and clarity. There isn't a lot of shape to the lake, but there are some large bays and a couple of islands which adds to the intrigue and also gives fishermen and kayakers a place to get out of the wind.

There is a state campground on the south east corner of the lake. This is in a shallow bay of the lake and mostly blocked by an island when viewed from the west. There is also a beach area in the Northeast corner of the lake. Being short on time today, I didn't look into this area very closely. From the water it looked like a regular shoreline. It's certainly not like the beach on White Sand Lake.

Many More Pics Below

Today's secchi disc reading was 20' - incredible!  Video is below the post.

The chop on the lake pushed us into Pearson's Bay (the bay south of Deer Island) to ride around on the e-board. The water felt warm, but the air was brisk, so I did my best to avoid taking a splash today. Fortunately, I'm getting better at starting from the boat and successfully stayed dry.

Cruising on the E-board

What people love about the Boulder Junction area is all of the recreation opportunities that come from having so much state owned land in the area. There are campgrounds, beaches, public hiking/biking trails, and canoeing trips. It's also an area with easy access to nice restaurants, an 18 hole golf course, and it's still within a reasonable distance to Manitowish Waters, Minocqua, and St. Germain. Big Muskellunge is right in the heart of all of that.

With so few privately owned properties on the lake it's very rare to see a listing come available - I only remember there being one in the last 15 years. If you are interested in the lake, you should definitely sign up to receive notification on the lake by clicking the bright green button on this link. You may also want to sign up for other lakes as well as it may be another decade (or more) before anything comes available out here.  You may also feel free to Contact Me if you want to talk more about your search criteria and how I may be able to help you find what you're looking for.



Posted By: Adam Gohlke - Aug. 18, 2021, 1:01 p.m.